10 World’s Best Food Destination based on CNN’S Rating

As the real traveler, food destination is also important to be the review when planning the trip. It is so crucial because food destination will complete the travel’s experience and even the food necessity. The local cuisine, the possible price, and the unit taste sometimes become the traveler’s review before making its trip.

10 World's Best Food
10 World’s Best Food

CNN Travel also provides the rate polling to all the traveler to give their assessment of 10 best food destination in the world. Perhaps, this review can be your primary consideration in deciding the traveler’s destination. Read these following information carefully:

  1. Taiwan

8,242 votes chose Taiwan is a part of 10 worlds Best Food Destination in the world. This country has its philosophy “Eat Often and eats well, but lots of them are the big thing here.” In Taiwan’s Capital, there are about 20 streets that serve the food street and snacking necessity. Like as it names that street food will serve the traveler all the kind of Taiwan’s and Asian food with the unique taste and possible price. The best streetside of Bao will shock you with the incredible taste of tofu and the beef noodle soup.

  1. The Philippines

There are more than 1,528 travelers in the world that chose the Philippines as the part of 10 world best food destination in the world.  The Philippines can serve the traveler with the dishes of seafood, tropical fruits and creative way of cooking. Not just because of the food uncle, this country also has 7000 small islands with a colorful history. They also have their food destination that’s so unique and delicious.

  1. Italy

There are 810 travelers chose Italy as the part of 10 world best food destination. Italy becomes the first Europan’s country that includes in this polling rate indeed. When the travelers visit Italy, they will get spoiled with Pasta and Pizza’s dishes. Also, Italy also has the regional dishes which it is so different with the others countries. It is the basic differ including no containing egg’s pasta, the plenty of butter and olive oil with perfect favor.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is also claimed as the art of 10 world best food destination. There are about 470 votes from the travelers from all the world. This Asian country becomes the best Asian food destination besides China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Many travelers are so familiar with the great taste of Curry, Stir-fried cashew Chicken, and Phai Tai. Tom Yum is also the excellent choice for street food in Thailand. With the possible price, Thailand served the best place to all the real traveler and food lovers.

  1. Japan

All the people will agree with the statement that Japan is so severe with the improvement of engineering, industry, technology, and education in its country. That improvement also goes together with the improvement in tourism place and food destination. There are around 443 votes for Japan as the part of 10 world best food destination. Both of the Traditional Cuisine and Modern Cuisine in Japan is the success in attracting the traveler to come. Sushi, Kyodo Ryori, kaiseki meal becomes the most popular food in this Sakura’s country.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia also becomes the part of 10 world best food destination. There are 265 votes for this country. All the food cuisine in this country serves the originality taste on Asian’s food which it is salt, spicy, and contain the coconut milk. Almost same with Indonesian (because these two countries come from the same culture history), Malaysia serves the best food destination to all the traveler beside its beautiful public recreation.

  1. Hongkong

Next Southeast country that includes in this polling rate is Hongkong. There are 236 travelers from all the word chose this country as the part 10 world best food destination. In Hongkong, many local street foods will spoil the traveler with all the originality of Asian’s taste.

  1. India

India states in the eighth rank of the rate polling. There are more than 205 votes from all the travelers around the world. This India becomes like a good country where serves the vegetarian food taste consistently. Indeed, India has got the Nobel Prize for it.

  1. Greece

Do you want to feel like as being a model in a glossy magazine? You have to visit Greece for your next travel. This historical country serves the blue seas, antique and white buildings, and all of the beautiful panorama there. Greece becomes the part of 10 world best food destination. 167 travelers chose Greece as their favorite country. Greece will attract its traveler with its beautiful building and the authentic food such as Greeks and Feta Cheese.

  1. Vietnam

The open-air market is still being the most popular attracting view from Vietnam. This favorite place provides the traveler with the traditional taste of Vietnam’s style. 162 votes chose Vietnam as the part of 10 world best food destination. Vietnam has its unique local cuisines with their unique manners. Additionally, the possible price is so fantastic and make your trip more perfect.

Have you planned your next trip after reading this information? Enjoy your trip guys!

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