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If you are a Dollar General lover, you must take part in Dollar General Customer First Survey. You may visit Dollar General Store and keep your current receipt well. Then, you can use the survey invitation to take part in Dgcustomerfirst.com and enjoy the following instructions in www.dgcustomerfirst.com. For your further information, you can site on dgcustomerfirst. Best luck!

What is Dgcustomerfirst.com?

Dgcustomerfirst.com is an online portal for Dollar General team. This online portal gives such as a space to receive the customer’s complaints and recommendations. In this site, DG’s team offers some statements and questions related to DG’s performances. Even, the customers should prepare their time in five until ten minutes to join in this survey. Indeed, all the rules and needs are not complicated.


The rules in Dgcustomerfirst.com

In same with another customer survey, this site offers some rules. Here they are:

At first:

The participants should be at least 18 years old. If they are under 18 years old, they may ask help to their older siblings.

The second:

The participants should be the resident of United States. In the last of the survey, they may redeem the reward. At that time, DG’s customer Sevice will ask about their identity card. So that way, they have to make sure that they are USA’ citizen.

The third:

The participants are not the part of DG’s employees. As a reason, this survey is space to recommend all parts in DG and even its employees. So that, the employees cannot take part in this survey.

The fourth:

In the last, they must prepare the code. Its code will appear on their last receipt.

The needs in Dgcustomerfirst.com

The needs of Dollar General Survey are:

The first (1):

The first need is the tools. In this case, the participants should prepare their best tools. Its tools can be a set of computer or laptop. Even, the customers can use their mobile phone. But, they have to make sure that they have a stable internet connection.

The second (2):

The next need is the language. In this case, the customers should understand English or Spanish. Even, this site will offer the basic knowledge of this language.

The third (3):

Then, the last need is for the receipt. The participants should make sure that they still keep their last receipt well.

The Steps to join in Dgcustomerfirst.com

here the following information about the steps to join in Dollar General Survey. Here they are:


In the beginning step, you have to visit the main website of this survey in www.dgcustomerfirst.com. Then, you may choose your preferred languages.


Then, you may send the survey code.Be careful; there are more than ten digits numbers. You have to make sure that you send the code in a right way. After that, you need to give the information about the store number and even your date and hours of shopping.


This section is the most important section where you have to give the rates. Even, the management will offer you some statements related to DG’s performance. In a hope, you can give the rate based on your own experiences.


For the next section, you can write your complaints and recommendation. Well, you may write everything you want to be related to your own moment with Dollar General.


In the last section, you can give your personal information. The information is your complete name, mailing address, email and even your phone number. And the last, you may send your review by clicking the button “Submit.”

The reward from Dgcustomerfirst.com

In Dgcustomerfirst, you will get a chance to win $1000 cash for your next shopping. How great it is!

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