How to Get an Affordable Domain for Your Website Step by Step Guide 2018

Fellas, you may have a dream to create a good website. In this case, you have low budget and you do not know how to do so. Indeed, you can create a good website without having to spend much money. As long as you know the tricks, you can make it happen. And now, let’s find out on how to get a cool domain for your website based on tips. Here we go!

          Step #1: Go

Indeed, there are so many website hosting sites that you can visit. And, one of the best ones is Blue Host that will offer you special discount. You can get 67% discount off for your web hosting landing page. Of course, it is such great news for you as a beginner in creating and maintaining your website.

          Step 2: Choose Your Website Hosting Plan

The next, after you device which hosting you want, you can start to choose the plan. For information, each hosting offers some best plans that you can pick based on your preference. For the best suggestion, you can click the option of “basic”. You can say that it is the best choice as you will get $2.75/mo. Discount from the normal price that is $7.99/mo. You may choose another offer but you will have to pay extra coins for that one.

          Step 3: Choose a Domain Name

It can be the most important one in creating your domain. Before you create a name, it will be best if you understand what your website is going to be. For example, you may about to create a website that has special focus on home decorations. In this case, you can create a name that is similar to your website topic. It can be “HomeInterior,” “some ideas,” “ideas for home,” or you can choose other else. For the extensions, you will make it great if you choose .com as it is internationally known. Most of the websites uses this extension and you will make it as great as other websites.

          Step 4: Complete Your Details

For the next, you can continue to complete the blanks with your personal information. You can first click the page entitled “create your account”. The information you have to enter is such as your full name, phone number, as well as your email address. For the postal mailing one, you should complete it with your country, street address, as well as city, and also zip code. And then, you must deal with the payment process.

          Step 5: Complete the Registration

About to the end, you should complete and finish the registration process. There will be other offers that you may love to pick. For the example, you can choose Domain Privacy Protection that will cost you for about $0.99 cents each month. Or, you can keep your personal information  anonymous by spending extra cost that is $0.99 per month.

          Step 6: Create the Password

And the last step, you have to create your password. In this case, you should make sure that it is strong enough. Mostly, those who are expert in creating websites will use many symbols for their passwords. For example, you can make it like @#$%&*(()^%$@!! and so on.  The more you easy to forget the password, the better it will be. It is because the password that is hard to remember has the best security. And, you can save your password on your private notepad or notebook.

Yes, you have mastered the whole steps and tricks in creating a good and affordable domain for your website. You can start building your website, and you will see it shines someday. Keep learning and best luck with your new project!

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