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Cheddars Hours – How to Locate Cheddars Near Me Locations at

When you have recently visited a new restaurant or stores, your mind may suddenly appear a lot of queries. For example, you may think about how much that you will pay to, the quality of the products that you buy, and even how well the employees serve you. Further, when you have felt the best ones, you may think to return, and again, your mind will be full of curiosities about the store open/close hours, the other locations, and much more. Anyway, this situation will happen when you visit Cheddars Restaurant as you will directly ask about Cheddars Hours of Operations. Guess how? You cannot refuse that Cheddars Menu has blamed you and lead your desire to visit it later. Well, you are on the best page as we are going to share you about Cheddars Store Opening and Closing Hours and even the nearest Cheddars Locations. Stay tuned!

What do You Know about Cheddars Restaurant?

Before talking much about Cheddars Hours, it must be fine when we discuss much Cheddars Casual Café or today we know it as Cheddars Scratch Restaurant. Do you know? The word “Scratch” is adopted from the special menu that served in this casual restaurant. Yes, Friends! You will satisfy with the crunchy and delicious scratch and combined with the other unique recipes. Believe it or not, Cheddars Restaurant’s Teams are passionate to cook with the traditional still and mix it with the modern American Fare. If you need to know about the popular Cheddars Menu, you will get surprised with how the chef cooks the delicious House Smoked Baby Back Ribs. They smoked it for more than fourteen hours. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Cheddars Hours and Information are available at

Anyway, Cheddars Restaurant was firstly opened in 1979. The first store placed in Texas, the United States. And now, this state becomes the most popular Cheddars Locations where there are more than 20 franchising stores exist. So that you know, Cheddars Restaurant works under the parents’ organization of Darden Restaurant as well as Cheddar’s Restaurant Holding Corporation. Nowadays, you are able to find Cheddars Headquarter Office in Irving, Texas. Then, you may get more information about Cheddars Restaurant, the special menu, services and offers at or even visit the official blog at

About the Official Cheddars Hotmail Customer Services

However, we have talked above that you are able to get the details information about Cheddars Menu Locations, Cheddars Hours of Operation when you visit the official website at Friends, you also can talk to the official customer service directly by trying these contact details, those are:

What do You Know about Cheddars Hours?

For the next, you are great when you are curious to know about Cheddars Hours of Operations. It means that you have the desire to return to the Cheddars Restaurant or even promote this store to the others. Friends, you have to know that Cheddars Restaurant divides the locations into four parts of operations, and here they are:

Friends! You need to bear in your mind that Cheddars try to give all best things in your life. Then, one of the ways is about to serve you all days and night in the long time of operation and services. Can you imagine? How many people feel happy because of Cheddars Menu? Well, here the details of Cheddars Regular Hours that you need to understand, those are:

Weekdays Monday 11 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 11 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 11 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday 11 AM – 10 PM
Weekends Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 11.30 AM – 10 PM

Do you know? You may get the various Cheddars Promotions and Deals on the special hours. Then, on the lunchtime may be possible to earn those deals and promotions. Actually, you may find out the different Cheddars Lunch Hours and Operations, and to get the specific one is about to locate Cheddars Store Locator Services at Meanwhile, here the details of Cheddars Lunch Hours, those are:

Weekdays Monday 2 AM – 4 PM
Tuesday 2 AM – 4 PM
Wednesday 2 AM – 4 PM
Thursday 2 AM – 4 PM
Friday 2 AM – 4 PM
Weekends Saturday 2 AM – 4 PM
Sunday 2 AM – 4 PM

More to say, Cheddars Restaurant is the best place where you can gain the more eatery joys and even the best culinary experiences. Although you get holidays, Cheddars still open the operations and give you its best services and performance. But somehow, you need to be patient as Cheddars may close the operation to appreciate the employees’ effort and times. Well, here Cheddars Holidays Hours are:

Name of Holidays Cheddar Store’s Status
St. Patrick’s Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)

New Year’s Eve

Good Friday

Tax Day

Easter Sunday

Cinco de Mayo

Presidents Day

Black Friday

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday

Veterans Day

Father’s Day


Columbus Day

Memorial Day

Mother’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Independence Day (4th of July)

Labor Day

Mon – Fri at 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sat – Sun at 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Thanksgiving day

Christmas Day

New Year’s Day

Christmas Eve Open with the altered Cheddars Hours

Alright, the lists above will give you a lot of easiness when you want to get over Cheddars Locations. Even, you have to know that each location may take the different hours of operations. In this case, you are better to observe and follow those social media and get the specific time information.

How to Access Cheddars Hours using Cheddars Store Locator at

As talked above, the better place to find out Cheddars Locations is about to access and get the store locator device. If you know, you will get two advantages by accessing the feature. At first, you can get the nearest Cheddars Locations as well as the Cheddars Hours of Operations. Well, here the steps that you can do, those are:

About Cheddars Near Me Locations

In spite of accessing Cheddars Store Locator at, you are okay to get the nearest Cheddars Restaurant in these simple ways and platform. Anyway, here that you can do are:

The first device is about to locate Cheddars Near Me is about to get over the Google Map applications. If you know, this feature will direct you to get the nearest location with the simple steps.

Here, you need to visit and type in “Cheddars Near Me” on the search bar. There, you will get the lists, directions and even the details of it.

The second action is about to get the mobile application. It is Cheddars Mobile App that is available in Google Map or even at App Store. If you know, you can get the smart features of Cheddars Official Website. In this case, you can locate Cheddars Menu, Cheddars Near Me, and even run the online order delivery.

Well, Friends! Cheddars Restaurant is the best place to get the awesome culinary experiences. In no doubt, you will satisfy with all services, menu and even the place appearances. Anyway, thanks for reading this page and get the great comprehension about Cheddars Hours. Hopefully, you can directly visit the nearest Cheddars Locations and get your happiness. See you!

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