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Mcdvoice – Get $100 Cash from McDonalds Customer Survey!

The best and also affordable cheeseburger from McDonald’s, who never tried that one? McDonald’s has been a huge fast food restaurant franchise business from the 1950s and still potential until now. The best news is, there is a McDonald’s survey which may get you $100 richer. Well, the $100 is a sweepstake, but you will win free sandwiches for sure upon completion of the survey. Interested to participate in mcdvoice customer survey? Let’s get started!


Things You Need for Mcdvoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

Well, since Mcdvoice can only be accessed through online, it means you need several things to get there. It would not be uncommon things, you may have already had them all. These are the things you need:

You will need a device whether it is a smartphone, computer, or laptop. The most important thing that, the device must be able to connect to the internet and access a website.

As mentioned above, that you will need an internet connection to access the website. Usually, McDonald’s provides you with a free Wi-Fi, you can use that to access the survey. You can ask the staffs in the restaurant for the Wi-Fi password.

The survey is actually designed for customers only. That is why you will need to purchase any food or drink first before you participate in the survey. Without a receipt, you can’t enter the survey page, because you will need mcdvoice survey code which is printed on the receipt.

Children can’t participate in the survey, for this case McDonald’s limits the respondents for the minimum age of 13. This is a common point for an online survey, some other surveys even require a minimum age of 18.

Since the languages offered in the survey are only English and Spanish, then you have no other option except understanding one of them. If you don’t understand both of them, Google translate may be able to give you a hand.

Mcdvoice Survey Terms and Conditions

There are some rules applied in this survey especially dealing with the survey submission. Let’s check them all one by one!

McDonald’s limit survey submission at 5 surveys per month. You can submit 5 surveys per month to get a higher chance for the main prize which is $100.

You only have 30 days before the survey code in your receipt expires. So, right after you purchase anything from McDonald’s, don’t worry to participate in the survey.

Step by Step for Mcdvoice Guest Satisfaction Survey

Since there is no one will guide you when you are filling the survey, you may need to read this guideline just in case you meet difficulties in completing the survey.

The first step is opening the website at or Please type it correctly or just click to one of the links mentioned above.

After that, you have to fill the survey code that is printed on your receipt

Then, you just need to answer all Mcdvoice questions honestly based on your experience. Don’t be shy to give your bad opinion about McDonald’s, because the answers don’t affect the chance of winning $100 Mcdvoice prizes. Your honest answers will help them to improve in the future.

After you answered all questions in the survey, you will be given Mcdvoice validation code. You can use that code to redeem your free sandwich. Don’t be shy to redeem your prize, because McDonald’s really appreciate your willingness to participate in the survey.

About McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonald’s was founded by Richard and Maurice in 1940. Hamburgers are the main menu of McDonald’s. Until now, their hamburger is the most delicious and the most affordable as well. McDonald’s now grows very fast with more than 33.000 restaurants in more than 115 countries. As one of the biggest franchise business, McDonald’s offers the customers various menus such as French fries, ice cream, and crispy chicken. There are also more interesting products offered such as apple pie, soup, and kids’ meal. You also will meet different menus of McDonald’s if you come to McDonald’s restaurant in other countries.

McDonald’s Customer Service

As a customer, you may want to tell McDonald’s something whether it is a complaint or a compliment. There is good news for you because McDonald’s provide you with live customer service. It means that you can call and have a conversation directly with them. You can also send a letter to their office address, sounds good right? Here is the customer service phone number and McDonald’s headquarter address:

Well, that is all you need to know about mcdvoice survey and a little bit about McDonald’s. Hope you can get the McDonald’s $100 cash prize! Good luck!

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