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Working with government, business, and nonprofit organizations to promote effective policy and market-based responses to climate change. 

in February 2009, the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development first convened a group of nearly 80 environmental market stakeholders to catalyze activity within this emerging sector. During those initial meetings, the need for capacity building and greater alignment of the city’s political, business, and environmental leadership were universally acknowledged.

Since then, this network of engaged parties has continued to grow. We have moderated passionate policy debates and we have taken public positions on key environmental policy issues. We helped to organize Northern California support for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2nd Annual Global Climate Summit. And our generously donated offices are now anchoring an emerging environmental business cluster.

As we prepare to take our next important steps, we invite you to join our urgent and vital work by becoming a member of the San Francisco Carbon Collaborative.

As California, the Western United States and Canada, and Washington D.C. negotiate and implement sweeping climate policy reforms, it is more important than ever for San Francisco to raise its proven and powerful voice - one that calls clearly for equal measures of efficacy and justice in our deliberations on this issue. The Carbon Collaborative will be that voice, and it will emanate from a formidable partnership of organizations working to accelerate the development of effective policy and market-based responses to climate change.

By bringing together the full ecology of emitters, project developers, financiers, verifiers, traders, registries, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and community justice advocates, San Francisco and its Carbon Collaborative can project its well established leadership far beyond the City’s physical boundaries. In fact, work has already begun to establish linkages with other regions that are central in the effort to avert irreversible climate damage.

Moving forward, the work of the Carbon Collaborative will also be guided by its commitment to make San Francisco a primary North American hub for environmental market activity. This, coupled with our record of state and local leadership in the environmental policy arena, will result in significant economic benefit to our region and a more effective greenhouse gas regulatory regime for the nation.

To help us realize the promise of our early work, we are offering Carbon Collaborative memberships to individuals and organizations, as well as a limited number of Founding Member packages. The financial support we receive will allow us to offer programs that:

  • build stakeholder capacity;
  • establish new strategic alliances,
  • foster a broader understanding of climate policy and environmental markets,
  • accelerate the creation of just, inclusive, and effective public policies, and;
  • foster the invention, commercialization, and deployment of environmentally friendly technologies.

We hope we can count on your support. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Founding Member - $25,000 (limited, one time)

  • Top position logo visibility and identification as a Carbon Collaborative Founder, on the SFCC website
  • Presenting sponsorship of one program series
  • 4 complimentary tickets to all SFCC events
  • Unlimited access to SFCC premium media content & services
  • 4 invitations to all SFCC VIP events
  • Member discount codes for affiliated events

Organizational Membership – Sliding Scale* (annually)

  • Logo placement on Members Page, on the SFCC website 
  • 4 member-priced tickets per SFCC event 
  • Unlimited access to SFCC premium media content & services 
  • 2 invitations to SFCC VIP events 
  • Member discount codes for affiliated events

Annual Revenue

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Less than $1 Million


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Individual Membership - $100 (annually)

  • 2 member-priced ticket per SFCC event 
  • Unlimited access to SFCC premium media content 
  • Member discount codes for affiliated events

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